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What's new in Version 4.11 (beta)

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 4.11 (beta)

Release date: August 5, 2023 - 12 months ago

Beta update, includes a cumulative set of updates from parallel version 3.xx, and, testing of major two new feature which are now under testing phase: synchronization and new 64-bit edition, both features are not included in the stable version yet.


Synchronization: big amount of improvements and fixes in the data synchronization algorithm. The sync algorithm itself got much smarter, can handle much more complex scenarios.

• The Alarm/Reminder icon in the text editor now appears as half-transparent when disabled, allowing for easy visual identification.

• Enhanced import/export functionality for HTML format, resulting in improved preservation of CSS formatting. This improvement also extends to pasting data from web browsers, ensuring better retention of the original formatting.

Enhanced Global Search functionality for faster and more accurate results, allowing you find the information you need even better than before.

• Improved HTML parser, fixed couple of issues with pasting formatted text from third-party applications (particularly, from QT Creator, there was an issue with incorrect recognition of CSS formatting).

• Includes an update of Windows Platform SDK, compiled using new version of Visual Studio, which includes some additional optimizations, fixes, and security enhancements.


• Resolved an issue with rounding calculation results. For instance, "0.6+4.24+4.46=" now correctly results in 9.3, while it was previously displaying as 9.2. The problem has been fixed.

• Fixed issue with launching file attachments. Greatly reworked the way we open default application associated to a file extension.

• Fixed crash on program startup, which it could be caused by invalid values in certain config file entries as result of maual file edit. Now AllMyNotes checks for values validity better and will not crash if something was entered with mistake.

• Fixed an issue with printing notes that resulted in distorted formatting or missing content. Printing now accurately reflects the original note layout.

• Resolved an issue that caused occasional lag or slow response when working with large note collections, resulting in smoother performance and improved responsiveness.

• Some other updates and fixes.

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