Have you lost any data from within AllMyNotes?

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Re: Have you lost any data from within AllMyNotes?

by MaryonJeane » May 30th, 2017, 2:57 pm

No - I've never lost any data from my AllMyNotes database. This sounds an 'OK' statement until you consider that I've lost data (on a couple of occasions nearly all my data) from every other database I've tried - and I've been using databases since the late 1980s. The databases I've used range from proprietary/dedicated ones (Palm, for instance) through the dreaded Access (for which I don't have a good word...) to Evernote. Evernote managed to corrupt some of my data with an upgrade and, when - as a long-standing Premium member, no less - I complained, I was basically told "It sometimes does happen"(!)

With AllMyNotes, not only have I not lost data but, when I've come across a problem (of my own making), I've received excellent help from Volodymyr, swiftly and always usefully. I haven't come across any problem which hasn't been solved for me and my database is now large (3.3 GB) and absolutely vital to me and (in parts) to my partner. The great thing is that, if the worst came to the worst and I had to move my data to another database (for example if/when I change over to Linux), I know I can easily transfer that data because it's not in a proprietary format. (Changing over from Evernote was a nightmare but, again, I had excellent help from Volodymyr.) In fact it's AllMyNotes which has prevented me so far from moving over to Linux because there simply isn't another database which comes close for storing, accessing and keeping data safe.

I live in a rural area and we are subject to frequent electricity spikes and loss. Our broadband is very poor and not always available. When I go out and about I need to carry my data with me, and my partner works away from home and also needs to carry some of the same data on various devices. I flip the data over to my and my partner's devices from my (Windows) desktop without any problems, even when there is an outage or downtime - no data losses, ever.

Re: Have you lost any data from within AllMyNotes?

by frank3 » September 14th, 2014, 12:46 am

I use both versions; the desktop version at home and the portable version when i travel (and i travel a lot). I have used both for many years and have never lost any data and nor have i ever experienced information that has been re-organized or reformatted. I have even experienced system crashes while i have had this app open (not coursed by this app) and when i re-opened my file, everything was intact. This is by far the most stable and consistent apps on my windows desktop i have every used.
I just wish there was an Android version.

Re: Have you lost any data from within AllMyNotes?

by Savin1987 » August 10th, 2014, 3:07 am

I've been using AllMyNotes Portable for over a year.

Not a single failure.

I used Keepnote before it, and it was much worse in terms of performance (constant freezes, broken shortcuts, etc.).

AllMyNotes must be the best Contacts Manager, Personal Diary, Note Taker out there. Compare and you will see. Though others may look compelling, but globally only AllMyNotes will provide seamless compatibility for your data with instant search, offline access, HTML-editing, export options, file attachments and the tree structure.

You've made the right choice.

Re: Have you lost any data from within AllMyNotes?

by Guest » August 20th, 2011, 9:14 pm


Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post and to include all this detailed information. As always, your efforts are more than appreciated. You are by far the most responsive and caring moderator in a forum for knowledge management program that I have had the pleasure of communicating with. :)


If anyone else has anything further to add, please feel free to do so. Your feedback is appreciated.



Re: Have you lost any data from within AllMyNotes?

by vlad » August 16th, 2011, 7:15 am

Thank you for evaluating AllMyNotes Organizer.

From my end I would like refer you to this page - http://www.vladonai.com/allmynotes_prod ... format.php, there you can find details on .ddb storage format, and what we've done to make it highly failure-resistant and secure storage you can trust.

Most importantly I would like to underline, AllMyNotes is doing automatic backups, every few hours (by default, frequency is adjustable), and keeps series of them for about a week, so even if, may God forbid, something has happened, you can recover. Each backup is a regular .ddb file with date stamp in file name, in other words it's a snapshot of your data file at the moment when it was taken, and can be opened by clicking on it in Explorer, as simple as that.

Here is an example of major issues you may face, per our support experience, sorted by frequency of cases:
  1. 1. Accidental data deletion. Suggested solutions: (1) there is a Recycle Bin folder, all deleted Notes go there, they don't just disappear; (2) If it was deleted from there, look in to backups.
    2. Unwanted modification. Suggested solutions: (1) assign read-only attribute to important documents, (2) use undo within document editor, (3) revert to a backup.
    3. User forgot the Password. Well, this one is difficult to help with. First of all please take a deep breath, sit back, relax, try various combinations that you remember, hopefully you'll be able to remind it.
    4. A hard disk crash. For this case it's recommended to (1) configure backup location to be at another disk, LAN server, or (2)automatic online backuping service, we can recommend Dropbox service (*), which is free for reasonably sized files, fast, works entirely in to background.
    5. Viral activity. After curing the virus the solution is same as for HDD crash.

    (*): For online backups we recommend to protect your files with password to assure your data privacy.
So far we are able to maintain 100% backward-compatibility between app version - database created in version 2 can be opened using the earliest version 1.

It's extremely rare case when data file gets corrupted, as the database engine we've developed is self-healing. Usually we are receiving notification of such cases as result of HDD crash, and thanks to backups it's possible to restore data in majority of cases.

P.S. Despite we did our best to protect your data, always remember - your data safety depends on you. Do backups on DVD from time to time, protect it with password if you have sensible private data inside.

Have you lost any data from within AllMyNotes?

by Guest » August 16th, 2011, 1:04 am


Good evening.

I am currently evaluating this software for my own personal and business use and so far I am quite pleased with what I am finding and the great attitude the developer(s) have towards making this product even better. Plus Vlad is very nice to the posters of this forum and in my email conversations with him.

My question to all the posters that happen upon my post is how well has AllMyNotes worked in protecting your data throughout its many versions? I have read the information that points out how the database engine used in AllMyNotes goes to great lengths to provide safety and redundancy to the user's data but I wanted some real life feedback from users who have used this product longer than I. I searched the forum and did not find any reported instance of data loss/corruption due to hardware failure, software crash, or software bug which was very encouraging.

If my preliminary thoughts are correct and this product is really that solid, well developed, and well tested, you will have made my year.

Thank you for your time and attention


Guest...for now ;-)