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What's new in Version 2.66

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 2.66

Release date: September 11, 2012 - 12 years ago


• New feature: now we support Numbered Lists. Our implementation is bit different from MS-Word, cause it mostly automatically formats new text lines, which allows changing of numeration in user-defined order. Currently we support numeration in number-dot format, in the future we'll extend it to roman/alphabetical numeration as well.

• Improved note captions displaying in the outline hierarchy tree for notes that have empty first line. Now AllMyNotes will search for the first line with next, not just first visible text line, which could be empty. This feature was requested here.

• Added new language - Romanian! The localization was generously provided by Alexandru Bogdan Munteanu.

• Greatly updated Korean localization, now it includes all recently introduced strings. Many thanks to Jeong-Ho Kang for this contribution.

Improved Drag & Drop feature in the hierarchy Tree view. Now you can Drag & Drop data in RTF, HTML, and DIB (images) format from other apps directly to the hierarchy tree view. For instance, it may ease data importing from such apps like InfoSelect, or, One Note. No more need to create new Note manually for dropping dragged text in AllMyNotes, now you can Drag & Drop text pieces directly to the hierarchy tree view, and new note will be created under the mouse position.

• Improved Deluxe Trial expired interface. Now, if to select Free edition, it switches the edition immediately and asking for no other questions. Previously it was returning to the trial expiration dialog box, which is incorrect and confusing for the user.

• Added keyboard shortcut to stamp Checkbox + Date + Time: Ctrl+3, as was requested on the forum.

Resolved issues:

• Fixed two annoyances with incorrect auto-scrolling - on expanding/collapsing folder, and on deleting item while the Recycle Bin folder was expanded. Reported here.

Fixed IME text input issue for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese locales, which was specific to some edit fields (not main text editor window) - IME input window had incorrect size, which was making very uneasy entering some characters.

• Fixed bug with pasting text in to the Chrome browser. Particularly it wasn't working in some cases for Google Mail. This issue was reported on the forum.

• Some other minor program updates and corrections.

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