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  What's new in Version 3.16 

AllMyNotes Organizer Version 3.16

Release date: January 30, 2017

    This is the first stable release of version of version 3! So, from this day, version 3 is officially out!!! So far we still have to polish the synchronization feature, so, to do not make this feature to hold all other features on hold, we've decided to move this feature to beta version, while stable releases will receive this feature later, once it will be completed.

    Also please read the official AllMyNotes Organizer version 3 release Announcement on the Forum.


In brief, here is the list of major features of version 3:

    • In-text Calculator. For example, you can type "2+2=" and it will put 4 automatically.

    • Smooth text/lists scrolling.

    • +7-8 skin themes.

    • New menu icons.

    • Multi-selection in left-hand side hierarchy Tree View.

    • The Format Painter.

    • AutoCorrect feature. For example, if you type "(c)", it will be corrected to ©

    • Printing is available in Free edition (with minor watermarks).

    • Numerous minor improvements.



• Improved user experience on entering activation codes (Deluxe Edition), to better identify and provide hints on resolving common issues on entering activation codes.

• Added more alarm snooze time periods to the Reminder window - added 6, 8, 10, 12 hour intervals additionally to already existing ones.

• Improved import from RTF files and pasting from clipboard in RTF format. Added support of poorly formatted RTF files that include images and do not follow to RFC documentation, particularly, some files exported from TreeDBNotes where not supported if these where including images.



• Fixed bug with passing focus using keyboard (for example, using Tab key). This issue was specific to the latest versions - 2.86 and 3.15 (beta) only.

• Fixed issue with incorrect image sizes in tables after upgrade to version 2.85 and 3.15 (beta), just upgrade to the most recent app version and the issue will be fixed automatically. Reported on the Forum.

• Fixed issue with printing images, in some cases these where way to big and even exceeded page boundaries. Reported on the Forum.

• Fixed issue with text wrapping on printing, sometimes word breaks where done on wrong positions, also better respected text aligning on breaking words in this case on printing.

• Fixed issue with text wrapping in to narrow table cells in the text editor, in some rare cases the text could exceed cell border margins, most frequently it was visible in tables with very narrow columns.

• Few more small updates and fixes.

Deluxe Edition Noteice: the upgrade of to version 3 is free for all customers who purchased within 12 months before release date under our 12-month major upgrade Warranty.


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