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    If you've purchased a Deluxe license within 12 months since version 3 release date (30 Jan 2017), you are eligible to free upgrade to version 3! The process is fully automatic, simply to go the Buy page, select an Upgrade option, enter your old license key, and receive new one automatically, as simple as that!


12-month major upgrade Warranty

12 Month Major Upgrade Warranty. Stay worry-free about paid upgrades.    For the beginning, your license key is lifetime, it will not expire. What we are talking about here, is so called "major upgrades". Eventually, we'll add many-many new features to the program and to cover the development expenses we may introduce a symbolic upgrade free. When purchasing software, there may be a fear - what if a paid upgrade will be released shortly after the day of purchase? Shall I wait with purchase a little bit? To blow away such fears we guarantee: if a major paid upgrade will be released within 12 months since the purchase date, it will be totally free for you!


Minor Upgrades

    All minor upgrades and fixes are free for lifetime.


Major Upgrades

    All major upgrades released within 12 months since purchase date are free. Also, all minor upgrades for these major upgrades are free for lifetime.


Upgrade Price

    50% of regular price.
    You can buy a major upgrade whenever you want, no matter what version and when it was purchased, upgrade to current version whenever you want by upgrade price.


What's minor/major version?

3 . 41

    We are using a plain decimal numbering to title each program version.
    The leading number of the decimal indicates a major version.
    The last number of the decimal is a minor version.

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