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    Download the most recent version 3.31 of AllMyNotes Organizer. The notes app is available as Lite and Deluxe editions. Compare editions...

Download All My Notes Organizer Deluxe Edition - the best one note alternative app ever!
    Download AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition (Desktop)

        App version: 3.31
        Installer file size: 4.98 Mb
        Release date: August 29, 2019
        Downloads count: 661,637 (since Sept 25, 2009)
        Note: Most advanced edition, includes fully-functional 30-day trial.

Download AllMyNotes Organizer Portable Version - the best secure and portable software.
    Download AllMyNotes Organizer Portable version

        App version: 3.31
        Installer file size: 5.32 Mb
        Release date: August 29, 2019
        Downloads count: 409,000 (since Sept 25, 2009)
        FYI: Portable version can be installed on any USB stick, and launched on any PC without need to be installed there, so you can carry all your valuable data with you, accessible on any computer.

Download All My Notes Organizer Lite Edition - the best adaptable treedbnotes alternative free program.
    Download AllMyNotes Organizer Lite Edition (Desktop)

        App version: 3.31
        Installer file size: 3.39 Mb
        Release date: August 29, 2019
        Downloads count: 643,660 (since Sept 25, 2009)
        Note: Lite Edition needs no registration and suits for basic notes management. Despite it's 100% free, it has NO spyware, NO malware, and no adware of any kind :)

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    All installations include a collection of skins/themes and multilingual (available in ~20 MUI packages).

    You can also Download additional Spell-Checking Libraries.

    Upgrading from a previous program version? Click here for detailed Upgrade Instructions.

    AllMyNotes Organizer is totally free from adware, spyware, malware, bloatware, we have no ties with any sort of advertisers, even for Lite (Free) edition. And every time before release we are checking our software against 40+ antivirus systems using the VirusTotal service.

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If you are experiencing issues with the latest version we recommend revert to a little bit older version.

Version 3.30 Installer
Version 3.30 Portable
Version 3.29 Installer
Version 3.29 Portable

If you own a license for older versions 1.xx and 2.xx, here you can download app versions which will work for your license key.

Version 2.85 Installer
Version 2.85 Portable
Version 2.84 Installer
Version 2.84 Portable

    Note: AllMyNotes Organizer requires no .NET or Java libs (we don't use that, at all). Everything is available in the setup files :).

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    • New features, before they officially available, are frequently available as a beta version of AllMyNotes Organizer.